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May 02th, 2012

Developer / projects

About Maxsurf Academic 17.07

Maxsurf is a powerful application allows you to design a boat, starting with the hull and up to the superstructure and appendages. You can use the flexible and intuitive interface of the program to work with any type of ship from work boats to yachts. The program can help you practice hull design and requires little training. The main purpose is to join, trim and manipulate NURB surfaces in order to create a complete model ready for hydrostatic analysis or construction detailing.Note: In order to install the program you need the password provided on the download page.Here are some key features of Maxsurf Academic:

- Create complex hull shapes using trimmed surfaces

- View all the changes of the hull shape from all angles.

- Import projects from other applications

- 1Gb of RAM

- Hydromax: A problem with the parsing of required GZ area for the following criteria has been fixed (if GZ area angle units were set to radians, the value entered would get changed from what was originally typed; if the units were degrees, there was no error): Heeling arm criteria (xRef) – GZ area between limits type 2 Heeling arm criteria (stand alone) – GZ area between limits type 2 - general heeling arm

- Seakeeper: A problem which occurred when testing multiple headings which include following seas at non-zero speed and for multiple sea spectra has been fixed. Under the above conditions, Seakeeper did not always calculate the motions RAOs over a sufficiently broad range of wave frequencies, resulting in poor accuracy in the integrated spectral properties of the motions.

- Prefit: A problem of scaling the Inset Section-Control Box in the Body-Plan view has been fixed.

- Workshop: Exporting an open frame (i.e. U Frame) to Rhino was exporting an incorrect shape.

- Workshop: Exporting a frame...


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screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 1screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 2screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 3screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 4screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 5screenshot Maxsurf Academic 17.07 - 6

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Posted on 09.08.2013, 05:59
It is a good software for naval architect.
Md. Badrul Alam
Posted on 14.05.2013, 13:04
It is the best design software